Yet Another UAL Erasmus+ 2019 for A Student at KOU

Post date: May 07, 2018 8:40:17 PM

For the selection of one student, we will consider the following requirements:

  • must be enrolled at least in the second year of their studies. KOU recommends that students who are going to study their 2nd and 3rd years should apply.

  • should not have done more than 7 months of Erasmus + or Erasmus Mundus mobility before

  • should hold a B1 certificate of English or Spanish proficiency (Please check this here)

  • can only belong to the areas agreed on our IIA so the call s open to students belonging only to those degrees

  • must choose courses from the provided area on the list. The offer of courses in English is limited, therefore please show it to your students before they accept the scholarship (view list of courses)

  • must be willing to enrol at UAL for at least 18 ECTS (three courses) per semester. At least 6 courses for the full academic year.

  • must be Koya University (KOU) student

  • must have a Koya University student Gmail account as instructed here (click here)

  • must complete this approval letter signed by the head of the department (click to see the format)

  • You should be completely free from any leftover exams. No applicant with UBÚR will be allowed.

Please read the guidelines below before you access the application form

(click to view the application form)


Koya University pleased to announce 1 mobility only (Which means only ONE Student can go) for undergraduate students to study one full academic year at the University of Almería in Spain. Please read the requirements and the guidelines before you apply.

UAL Erasmus Applicant's Guidelines